The Costly Freedom of Redemption

I wanted ready access to the series I list below by Trevin Wax at Kingdom People. I think you may find it worth reading and studying, too. If you are busy, Like I am today, this will give you a way to dig into it later.

Wax Header

This spring’s Gospel Project for Adults and Students leads participants through the “Atonement Thread,” which helps people put the Bible together to see how the theme of atonement runs from Genesis to Revelation.

For the past several Thursdays, I’ve featured contributions from some friends who are examining the beauty of the atonement from different angles. Here’s how the series has shaped up so far:

Today, Bryan Loritts contributes an article on freedom as it relates to redemption.

Bryan Loritts is the Lead Pastor of Fellowship Memphis and the author of A Cross-Shaped Gospel and editor of Letters to a Birmingham Jail.

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