The Vulnerable Christ

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After a number of conversations I had on the topic of vulnerability with some saints, the Lord started opening my heart and mind to this beautiful topic. I honestly feel like what I share in this post has the potential to take myself and others into deeper relationships with the Lord and with each other. So I recommend reading this post with an open heart to the Lord. There are two parts to this blog post. The first is a prose type narrative I wrote about Christ, and the second part is my expanded thoughts on the topic. It’s one of my longer posts, but I feel it is one worth reading through carefully and prayerfully to see how it could apply to you. Enjoy.


Our Lord embodied vulnerability. He came to earth as one of us, in the form of an infant, exposed and helpless.

God becoming a man in Christ, was God embracing humanity in all it’s frailness. He humbled Himself and became vulnerable to every human weakness, pain, and struggle.

He became vulnerable to those He loved. He opened up and exposed His heart to those He was closest to, as well as the rejects of society. He was not afraid to love extravagantly, in the midst of unwavering rejection and persecution.

He was a man who abandoned Himself in love for all he came into contact with. Even before His enemies, His strength, knowledge, wisdom, and power lay at the feet of His vulnerability.

He lay down all shields and was exposed – naked – before those who loved Him and those who hated Him. In this unmatched position of vulnerability – God at the mercy of His own creation – on the hill that He had made, was nailed to a cross.

He bore the pain and sorrow inflicted by those He came to passionately love. Those He exposed Himself to, who He embraced in all His vulnerability as the living God, had rejected Him, and nailed Him to a tree of His own creation.

But through the vulnerability, pain, rejection, and even death, all creation was drawn to Himself. Humanity in all it’s vulnerability, came to deeply know, love, and experience the Living God when God Himself, became the most vulnerable human of all. The greatest expression of vulnerability, produced the greatest expression of Love. The Love bond between God and man was established on the foundation of vulnerability.

Giving Himself in weakness, He burst forth in strength

Immersing Himself in rejection, He emerged as the all-inclusive Christ

Offering Himself as the vulnerable Lamb, He obtained a beautiful, pure, and holy bride.

What a Lord! What a Christ!


My thoughts on vulnerability:

God’s desire is to have His Divine Life expressed in human form so that we can express His very being. He wants more than anything to be intimately connected to us, to be in relationship with us, and for us to participate in His divine Life… and that is why God became so vulnerable, because the only way to truly connect deeply and share life with another is to become vulnerable.

If we’re holding out or holding back, protecting ourselves from criticism and rejection, we cannot experience acceptance and with that a true love bond. We will never really know if the person we hope to connect with deeply, really accepts and loves us, or just the person we’re pretending to be. No, we must be willing to expose ourselves… to make ourselves vulnerable, so that they can see who we truly are. They may reject our true self, but if they accept us in our vulnerability, then we will have a love and deep connection that is real and profound. Christ became vulnerable in this way and was heavily rejected, but also found some who he could truly love, and receive love in return. With vulnerability comes the risk of being rejected and hurt… but without it, we cannot find true acceptance and love. Each of us knows this and have experienced this; that real relationship means connection and connection means vulnerability.

And so God became one of us in Christ, in order to share most fully and deeply in mutual vulnerability, He became vulnerable to connect with those most vulnerable, in order that we may share in His life and His Love and His acceptance.

Vulnerability means being open or exposed to be rejected or wounded. So too Christ even bears the eternal marks or wounds that result from vulnerability… He has not despised theres wounds, but embraced them as the marks of His love for us.. We too may also bear the marks and wounds that result from our vulnerability toward one another. Let us see the marks and wounds as marks of genuine expressions of love and authenticity rather than painful past hurts.

Vulnerability is often seen as weakness, but that could not be further from the truth. Within vulnerability is found an uncommon strength – not the strength of power, but of an authenticity that breaks shallowness, not the strength of getting what you want, but of being seen and known deeply and intimately, not the strength of imposing one’s will, but of being profoundly available and real.

Can we imagine that to be a follower of Christ is to embrace vulnerability in it’s fullness, rather than putting up shields and walls to defend ourselves against it? And can we imagine that the church isn’t the place you go when you’ve got it all figured out but instead where you go to gather with others, meeting at the point of our brokenness in order to know Christ and each other in a deep and profound way.



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