Coming Together

This new blog (to me) states my opinions so well I just had to pass these by  Don Merritt on Life Reference blog along. I have an idea I will re-post other thoughts by him. If you wish to comment go to the original blog at

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As Christians, we need to be in community with others, to encourage and to be encouraged, to serve and be served, and to join together to worship and praise our God.  Together we can face the challenges that come our way.  Together we can build Christ’s body.

There are times that I’d rather stay home for some reason… some very good reason such as I just don’t want to go.  I go anyway. You know, it’s really kind of funny, but it’s usually on the days that I just didn’t want to attend church that I come home the most inspired, encouraged and alive.  I wonder why that is.

I find that it isn’t easy to serve God at home while sitting on the couch.  I have also discovered that as good as individual worship time can be, there’s nothing quite as energizing as worship with the body of Christ on Sunday.  Some might read this and come away thinking that I’m an idiot.  Maybe they are right, but I know one thing: Jesus Christ blesses His Body, the church, and this is not an individual thing.  I know that He works through His Body, and I am not so conceited as to think that His promises are my special property.

There is another aspect of church that some may miss.  We are commanded to love one another as brothers in Christ.  There is simply no logical or reasonable way that a person can interpret this as being an individual or solitary activity; it happens in community.  So have your excuses next Sunday if you must, but I have no intention to miss out on the blessings of God’s community.  My prayer for you will be that God will give you a nudge, or even a shove if necessary to get you out the door so that you too may be blessed!

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