Christ our Future

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The Lord can speak to us in some interesting ways. Sometimes He speaks to us when we quiet ourselves and spend time with Him, and other times He speaks to us amidst the chaos. It’s often quite easy to miss His voice, especially if we aren’t actively listening, but He has a way of getting the messages to us that He wants us to hear.

I’ve come to realize that it is important to set aside quality time with the Lord, to listen and receive, but I’ve also realized that we should learn to hear the Lord in times of noise and distraction. Many Christians, myself included, struggle to spend time fully dedicated to the Lord each day. Thus, I have realized that it is not only possible, but extremely vital to learn to hear, enjoy, and experience the Lord throughout the day. Even if we don’t actively speak to Him, we can at least be aware of His presence and spend time with Him in that way. It’s quite simple really… and the more we do it, the louder we hear His voice and the more we enjoy Him. Brother Lawrence understood this and shared his practical experience through his book titled, “Practicing the presence of God”.

I’m in no way an expert in this, but now and again I’m hearing and experiencing the Lord in the midst of distraction. I’d like to share one recent revelation I received the other night while driving to my local Church gathering. I was listening to some secular music I enjoy, which was playing loudly. One line in a certain song that I’d heard over and over again suddenly jumped out at me. The line went, “The future is not what it used to be”. At first I was perplexed because I had heard the line many times before, but it had never entered into my thoughts. I was then confused further because the line seemed to be some weird paradox of tenses. However, for some reason I decided to analyze this phrase in the context of my life in Christ.

I quickly realized that since Christ is the center of everything inside and outside of time, this line actually makes sense. I realized that in my past, when I didn’t know Christ, I had a bleak and depressing future. At that point in time, my future was a future without knowing Him. However, when I came to know Christ, my future changed. My future was no longer depressing and lonely, but it was a future I could share with Christ. It was a future where every day I would come to know Christ better and it was a future where I would spend eternity with Him.

When I realize this I was flooded with immense joy. The simple fact that every new day will be a new experience of Christ, and that I get to hang out with Him whenever I wanted to, made me ecstatic! A huge smile formed from one side of my face to the other. I felt in awe, and content at the same time. My perspective also shifted, because I realized that I can now relate to Christ not only based on all the awesome past things He has done and accomplished, but also on my future in Him. Simply put, our future in Christ is amazing! It is beyond our wildest dreams. The other interesting thing I realized is that now, in the present, each day we spend with Him is us living out this future reality. The future that ,”is not what it used to be” is now!


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