Why creation is so beautiful

Sorry to you “lurkers” who seem to have negative and doubtful things to say and don’t comprehend the love and beauty we see around us point us to a creative God. Those who are blind to the evidence and just seek arguments, need to use their time more wisely. You may be wonderful people, moral, kind and generous; you may recognize beauty and wonder when you experience it. But without God, there is no reason, nor basis for it – except unknown and unaware influence from God and his followers. This upsets some of you, but that is the way it is. Seeing the need for moral living, the beauty and complexity of life that points to a creative designer who has goals for each of us, your adamantly dismiss them. Even those who saw a revived Lazarus and heard about a newly resurrected christ didn’t deny it, they just didn’t respond to it. I like this quote from Scott DeWitt:

Christianity’s answer to the question of why creation is so beautiful is that it flows from the character of a beautiful creator. Nature is God’s self-portrait. It is not God, since God transcends what He has created, but it reveals in physical form what He is like spiritually. God creates beauty so we can know what He is like. Since He is and always has been glorious and beautiful, creation reflects this with seeable, tastable, touchable, hearable, and smellable reflections of His glory and beauty. This is what Isaiah heard the angels exulting. The whole earth is filled with His glory, and it is a ‘song about God.’

Eyes Wide Open, p. 62

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