The agape feast of the church

by Robert Girard

When the church gathers, as the New Testament tells it, it is the happy gathering of a loving family at the super table. Its ministry when gathered is described in Scripture like smorgasbord, a potluck supper, what the church used to call a “love feat” or “agape.” It is not one expert cook preparing one dish for everyone. It is each person bringing to the supper what he or she has prepared — the thing each does best. All who have something to share bring it as an offering to God and the others. Those who have abundance to share make up for those who can bring little. All share, all eat, all are fed. It is not all filet mignon and pecan pie, and we don’t expect it to be. Some of it tastes better than the rest. Some is better prepared, more nourishing, more enjoyable. Some are just learning how to cook.

Brethern, Hang Together, p. 133

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