Learning to be intentional without an agenda

by  Quincy at Christ the Center blog (He attends a non-traditional church group)

Lately the word “intentional” has been burning though my mind and spirit. I’ve been wanting to do things on purpose rather than than sit back passively and wait for things to happen. There is without a doubt times and seasons to simply sit and rest in Christ. Those times are necessary, in fact I believe that we should have some sort of rest in Christ at all times. I also don’t believe that there is a single thing I can do on my own apart from the life of Christ. I’ve learned many times that the only good that can come out of me is completely Christ without a trace of myself. While on this journey that my wife and I are on with a few other brothers and sisters we have completely done away with agendas. We have had countless conversations about the spontaneity of the Holy Spirit when Christ is the head. I still believe this 100% but I also believe that God has taken us another step deeper in this line of thought. We can still be spontaneous even while being intentional. I’m finally realizing that there is a difference between having a set agenda and simply being intentional.

What are we being intentional about? Knowing and sharing Christ together in community. At least that’s the goal, the process is tough at times though. It’s also important to remember that it is a process rather than an overnight change. Heck, rather than a quick year or two change in many cases, including ours. There is a detox from former practices, orders and programs that we have all been going through together. I completely believe that God is continuing to grow and mold us into one body, one living organism.

How can I be sure that God is doing this work? Because when our schedules get busy and we don’t hang out we all notice it. We recognize the difference between times of building each other up and times of not building each other up. Simply put, we recognize our need for each other. We have been shown that the Christian life isn’t one of independence but of interdependence. The Christian life is a shared life rather than a bunch of individuals trying to live life on their own. Rather than scattered bricks we’re being into one building, each brick relying on the other for support and completion. This entire building is then held together by the mortar, which is Christ.

So what is it that we need to be intentional about if Christ is our head? Actively seeking Christ and walking in Him daily. Not that we need to create rules for ourselves, but to simply be mindful of Christ and allow him to to live through us at all times in our homes, coffee shops and work. Being mindful of His life in us.

We also need to be intentional about getting together and sharing our lives with each other. Not that we need set times throughout the week the we rigorously follow. Rather that we intentionally make time for each other. Through the life of Christ living in us we naturally want to spend more time together. Of course spending time praying, reading and learning together, but also sharing meals, cleaning the yard and playing games. Authentic shared life is intentional. I believe that this is something that has become more real than ever to all of us. It encourages me to step back and take a look in at what God is really doing and how He’s making Himself known to us where life happens. We’re such an incredible and at times difficult journey, but I wanted trade it for any other way.


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