Defeating Arrogance

by C.J. Mahaney

His strategy is practical and deceptively simple.

  1. Reflect on the wonder of the cross
    Preach the truth of the gospel to yourself – EVERY Day! Quoting Carl Henry: “How can anyone be arrogant when he stands beside the cross?
  2. Acknowledge your need for God
    Humility is an expression of your need and dependence upon God.
  3. Express Gratitude to God
    God is opposed to the proud/arrogant. With a Yoda-like quip, Mahaney notes, “If I’m ungrateful, I’m arrogant. And if I’m arrogant, I need to remember God doesn’t sympathize with me in that arrogance“.
  4. Practice Spiritual Disciplines
    Prayer, study of scripture and worship are daily demonstrations of our dependence upon God. Regardless of my sense of God’s presence.
  5. Seize your commute
    Use your down time and “mundane moments” to meditate and memorize scripture.
  6. Cast your cares upon him
    God’s offer of grace to the humble is to those who cast their cares upon him and not try to arrogantly control everything themselves. Pride is the root of worry. Depending upon God brings grace, joy and peace.

~ Humility, True Greatness, Chapter 5


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