Hit the Mute Button on Yourself

by Owen Strachan and Doug Sweeney

The world encourages us to focus an inordinate amount of attention on ourselves and our concerns. We are coaxed by countless voices to ‘stay true to ourselves,’ to ‘focus on me for a while,’ to ‘not let anyone tell me what to do.’

The study on (Jonathan) Edwards’s material on Christ hits the mute button on the world and allows us to break free from our self-interests and revel in the glory of Christ. It shows us that our central need is not to become psychologically satisfied, but to treasure Jesus Christ above all things by bowing in repentance and worship before Him (Heb. 3.1-6).

Each day that we live is an opportunity not to glorify our sinful selves, but to glorify the one who bled and died for our salvation, our liberation from Satan’s shackles.

Let us clear space in our hearts for adoration not of ourselves, but of Christ. Life is not about us. It is about Jesus Christ and a fixed, unrelenting, soul-satisfying pursuit of Him.

~ Jonathan Edwards on Beauty–The Essential Edwards Collection, p. 93-94

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