Growing a healthy church

by Dan Spader

A healthy group image is directly connected to our effectiveness in helping people grow as disciples of Christ. It is a major part in the nurturing environment. Therefore, leaders in the Church of Jesus Christ have the responsibility to create and nourish a healthy group image among those to whom we minister. We need to recognize that our group image will either contribute to or hinder the impact of our ministry. Page 87.

Developing the ability to verbalize vision — that purpose or driving passion God as given to you for your ministry — can be a powerful tool. A clearly communicated vision connects purpose with conviction, provide substance to enthusiasm, and fuels godly dreaming — all of which contribute to a healthy group image.

One final thought about building a healthy group image: celebrate the good times! This is one of the simplest and most easily workable ideas. Whenever something good happens in your congregation, review and publicly with the whole body.

Most of us have selected memory. We remember in detail, both things which went right, wrong, and we forget the details about the things that went well. Reviewing the good times can help counteract this tendency. Remembering is so important in Scripture of the theology of remembrance could easily be constructed. Over and over again God tells his people to remember what he has done and how far they have come. Elaborate memorials were constructed. Many of the feasts are designed specifically to assist the remembering process.

Biblically speaking, God’s desire is to provoke help the remembrance of the good times in general, and his works in specific. Page 95.

If you’re like many ministries, you experience weekly or monthly pressure to write an interesting newsletter. You know how important good communication is, but the regular grind of cranking out these pieces gets old. Celebrating God’s work in the body may be your answer did in place of billing page after page with announcements, reviewed the good times. Publicly replay the ways God worked. Communicate answers to prayer, conversions, the Christ come progress on church goals, spiritual milestones (personal or corporate), and even financial blessings. Page 96.

~ Growing a Healthy Church

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